Hydrochloric Acid Recovery

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Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Recovery System

Beta uses vacuum evaporation to filter contaminants and to concentrate spent hydrochloric acid for reuse. Our recovery system works continuously to maintain your acid at its optimum concentration and purity.

  • Reduces acid consumption, quick return on investment
  • Environmentally safe vacuum process for a clean, safe work area 
  • Unique heat exchange reduces energy required
  • Compact design integrates into existing facilities
  • High quality components & automation minimize downtime
  • Materials:  high temp thermoplastics, acid-impervious HX

Operation Diagram

Operation steps

A pump forces waste acid through a pre-filter and into the evaporator loop, comprised of the Evaporator exchanger and the Separator tank.  In the evaporator loop, spent acid is pumped under slight pressure through a corrosion-proof heat exchanger.

The spent acid solution is heated past the boiling temperature of both acid and water. Once the solution is released into our controlled vacuum environment, both the hydrochloric acid and water vaporize in our unique “co-flash” reactor. 

The HCl and water vapors travel upward through the liquid/vapor Separator and into the Rectifier. The remaining metal salt solution (metals + H2O) continues to circulate through the pressurized boiling loop until it reaches a specific concentration and is discharged to a storage tank.

In the Rectifier, the concentration of acid is controlled to return excellent quality, re-concentrated acid to the process tank.  The remaining water vapor, stripped of acid, continues its journey into the Condenser where it is sub-cooled and condensed to good quality water.  This water is typically reused in the process. 

Flow Diagrams

New Feature

Remote troubleshooting assistance and closed circuit monitoring by our engineering department.



  • Recycles inactive pickle liquor
  • Reduces pickling times
  • Recovers HCl & water for reuse
  • Concentrates iron chloride co-product for potential sale 



Mixed Acid Recovery

Our HCl Recovery System design provides a solid foundation for the recovery of mixed acids. Changes in materials and several components allow the recovery of other acids while protecting the system against corrosion. Our software easily accomodates the differences in evaporation temperatures and solubility.  If you have a mixed acid recovery application and would like a proposal, please Request a Quote.


Wire Journal International

Our system earned a spot in the Wire Journal International. Read our Technical Paper, reprinted courtesy of the WJI. 

Achievement Award from the US Dept. of Energy

This award recognized Beta Control Systems for its outstanding leadership in developing and commercializing the hydrochloric acid recovery system for the steel industry.

Accomplishment Award from the US Dept. of Energy

This certificate recognized Beta Control Systems for its contribution to advance energy efficiency and pollution prevention technologies.

Governor's Award

Our customer, Charter Steel, won the Governor's Award for their acid waste reduction efforts. They recieved this award following the purchase of our Hydrochloric Acid Recovery System and our Sulfuric Acid Recovery System.

While we cannot promise your company an award, we can promise your company award winning technology and service.