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Recovery of HCl or mixed acids

To address the needs of custom-engineered projects, Beta offers a fully functional, small recovery system for rent.  This equipment may be transported and installed on the job site or operated by our testing engineers.  With either option, the data generated will determine the optimal types and sizes of components on a permanent, larger system for your application.

Vendor of choice for acid recovery

Strength of design – superior exchangers, elutriation, conical pump back station, crystal separating clarifier, proportional feed/temp control improvements since 1984.

Support – 3D drawing design assistance to perfectly plan your installation, remote tech support by a Beta engineer who can login into your system.

Sulfuric Acid Recovery System - 3 cell - Model 60

This new Sulfuric Acid Recovery System was assembled in ONE morning on the job site!  Beta's 2-man crew plus heroic plant employees worked together to achieve this impressive progress.  When operation begins, the system will be capable of processing 22,000 gallons/day of spent acid.  

Compare options to recover HCl.  Reprinted here courtesy of The Wire Journal International.  This paper evaluates available technologies to recover HCl from spent wire pickling solutions.

An optimal design for bead wire and other low temperature sulfuric acid pickling operations.

We have had many requests to repair or replace sulfuric acid recovery systems manufactured by Acid Recovery Systems, Inc (ARSi). In 2013, ARSi was purchased by a global corporation along with three of ARSi’s sister companies.

We will be commissioning a large low temperature Sulfuric Acid Recovery System in SE Asia this spring.

We have installed 3 identical acid recovery systems within the past year, so one might say that it is our most popular sulfuric system. It is very simple in design, has a minimal footprint, and is inexpensive relative to systems with a centrifuge.

Beta will be in Atlanta in April 2015 for the Interwire show. If our technical paper, Comparison of HCl Recovery Technologies, is as interesting as we think it is, we will also be chosen to be a Presenter.

Small sulfuric systems can simply and inexpensively solve waste disposal needs. We offer affordable systems with no centrifuge to save over $50,000 in capital costs. Yet, these small systems still have the high tech capabilities of automatic operation and of communication with Beta headquarters via wifi when they encounter a problem.