Stainless Steel & Titanium Etching

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Beta Control Systems, Inc. is a research and development corporation dedicated to the development of resource recovery equipment for industry.  Our primary products recover chemicals used in the surface finishing of metals.  Our acid recovery systems alone recycle nearly 2,000,000 liters of acid each day.  As the world becomes more aware of the environmental damage generated by the disposal of spent acids and their sludge waste products, we expect recycle and recovery to become the only acceptable method of dealing with this waste problem.

Our Mixed Acid Recovery System is relatively new on the recycle scene. It is based on the same technology as our HCl Recovery System which won awards from the US Dept. of Energy. With a few changes in materials and components, we have successfully brought a sound, safe solution to users of HF/HCl and HF/HNO3.

Please contact us to discuss your particular mixed acid stream and the value of heavy metals we can recover.