Rinse Water Recovery

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Rinse Recovery System

Beta’s membrane-based system applies a combination of proprietary acid-resistant, high performance membranes and corrosion-proof components to filter metal salts and acid contaminants from rinse water. The removal of these salts minimizes the carryover of damaging contaminants.

The concentrated acid and salts removed from the rinse tank are returned to the pickle tank and do not create a waste product. The clean, iron-free water returns to the rinse tank.

When the recovered water is reused as an exit spray on the parts, the carryover contaminants are reduced by an additional 50%. Proper application of this process eliminates the need for future chemical treatment.


Operation Diagram

Operation of a Rinse Recovery System

Operation steps

Our filter pump drives the contaminated rinse water through a pre-filter to remove solid contaminants and some oils and organics. A pressure transmitter monitors the incoming fluid to protect the pump from running dry and to signal a filter change.

The solution exits the pre-filter and proceeds to the corrosion-resistant, high pressure diaphragm pump that provides the osmotic force for the process. The pump drives the pre-filtered rinse brine across the special, membranes at a high velocity. These membranes are designed to reject larger molecules, such as metal salts, while allowing smaller molecules, like water, to pass through. The high velocity of the solution keeps the membrane surface clear of solids and any concentration polarization that would slow the process.

The cleaned water and small salts passing through the membrane form the permeate stream which returns to the rinse tank. A small volume of water plus the large metal salts form the concentrate stream which returns to the process tank when the optimum concentration of salts is reached. The volume of the concentrate stream matches the process tank volume lost by evaporation and drag out.

The process operates continuously and automatically to remove contaminants from the rinse tank. If the level of contaminants decreases, the system shuts itself down. The PLC and Beta-engineered software offer automated control, safety alarms, and process tracking to insure simple operation and minimum downtime.

Flow Diagrams

Rinse Recovery System



Maintains excellent quality rinse water 
Easily incorporated into process
Improves product quality
Lowers operating cost 





Process Integration

This compact, automated system can be quickly plumbed into existing tanks or incorporated into new project plans. Our optional exit spray system provides even lower contaminant carryover to final coating tanks. Beta’s proprietary operating software fine tunes the system’s performance for optimum water usage and best coating results.

Our corrosion-proof design insures long life and minimal downtime, even in the highly aggressive environment typical of pickling operations.