Pickling, Galvanizing, & Metal Finishing

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Beta Control Systems, Inc. is a research and development corporation dedicated to the development of resource recovery equipment for industry.  Our primary products recover chemicals used in the surface finishing of metals.  Our acid recovery systems alone recycle nearly 2,000,000 liters of acid each day.  As the world becomes more aware of the environmental damage generated by the disposal of spent acids and their sludge waste products, we expect recycle and recovery to become the only acceptable method of dealing with this waste problem.


HCl Acid Recovery

Recover inactive pickle liquor, approximately 18% HCl concentration returned for reuse in the pickle tanks.

Sulfuric Acid Recovery

Continuously removing contaminants from the sulfuric pickling solution shortens processing times and improves product quality.

Rinse Water Recovery

Not only will our rinse systems maintain clean rinse tanks in your plant, but they will also minimize the volume of water usage. We have recommendations to save you water!

pH Neutralization

A great solution to almost every residual waste in your plant. These systems are capable of further minimizing the concentrate from a Rinse Recovery System and also processing solids from the pickling tank into a filter cake.