pH Neutralization

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pH Neutralization and Solids Filtration

Our pH Neutralization system is designed to meet pH, heavy metals, solids, and other discharge limits.  

Beta’s process combines the best in environmental technology with the best return on investment. Sustainable solutions for both environmental and financial goals.

Operation Diagram

Operation steps

Batch System   Concentrated rinse or FeCl2 is pumped or drained to the Reactor tank for pH control.  The mixer and ozone generator are continuously operated to insure proper oxidation levels and homogenous mixtures of iron hydroxides and water. Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is metered into the Reactor to adjust the pH. Ozone is continuously added for oxidation to Fe(OH)3.

Continuous System   The waste stream enters the pH Neutralization Tank first. Chemicals are added to this tank to adjust the pH between 8 and 9. The pH adjusted waste stream is pumped into the Polymer Blend Tank where polymer is added. Ozone is optional.

Batch System   From the bottom of the Reactor, sludge is pumped to the Sludge Thickener for solids separation. The thickened solids are then pumped through the Filter Press where the sludge cake is dumped into the collection hopper and the filtrate is returned to the Reactor. Clarified solution from the Sludge Thickener returns to the Reactor tank.

Continuous System   The Lamella discharges clarified waste water (effluent). The metal hydroxides settle to the bottom of the inclined plate settler inside the Lamella.  From the bottom of the Lamella, sludge is pumped to the Sludge Thickener Tank. The sludge enters the Filter Press for dewatering and compression into a cake.

Batch System   This batch process is simple and easy to operate. A control panel is supplied to provide motor control, pH control, and chemical feeding as well as pump operation control. pH and ORP displays and alarms are visible to the operator.

The system is designed to remove the iron from solution and meet any pH limits that might be required by a monitoring agency. The system is shipped as modular components for assembly at your plant.

Continuous System   The process operates itself. Once hooked up to the process tank and programmed for your application, the unit monitors the bath chemistry while continuously filtering the suspended solids from the solution. The PLC computes the bath needs and doses the appropriate chemicals to satisfy the demand. The operating software provides continuous information about the system and the condition of the solution. The software notifies the operator of any abnormal conditions.

Flow Diagrams

Unique Features

  • Large display HMI and PLC
  • Software optimizes & tracks system performance
  • Remote troubleshooting assistance and closed circuit monitoring by our engineering dept.