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About Beta Control Systems, Inc.

Beta Control Systems, Inc. was founded in 1980 as an environmental research and development corporation focused on providing state-of-the-art technology to the metal finishing and electronics industries. Over the past years, the company has installed over 150 resource recovery systems throughout the world, making Beta the worldwide industry leader with the largest number of acid recovery installations.  Our acid recovery systems offer customers the benefit of zero hazardous waste discharge.

Beta is well known throughout the world steel industry as the leader in acid recovery technology, but our scientists and engineers continue their research to develop other technologies that will help customers reach their goals of sustainable development in the twenty-first century. Beta has published many articles in trade journals and presented in almost every major international forum.

Corporate Philosophy:  We proudly place our name on every installation and work to ensure that our customer is just as proud to have our product.  We firmly believe that the Best Environmental Technology Available must include resource recovery, and we have made providing it our life’s work.

Representatives:  Our worldwide expansion philosophy emphasizes the availability of local support for all our equipment. Due to the technical nature of our products, we attempt to retain local representatives and licensees to support each installation in their area.  We currently have representatives in the USA, India, Europe, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, South America, Africa, and Mexico.