Environmental Solutions for Your Plant

We design, manufacture, and install our own systems worldwide.

  • Acid Recovery (HCl, H2SO4, HF, HNO3)
  • Rinse Water Recovery
  • Water Processing
  • Solids Neutralization & Filtration

Beta's recovery systems provide the best in environmental technology with the best return on investment. Sustainable solutions for both environmental and financial goals.


  • Industrial Acids
  • Beta equipment for the whole plant:
    Recovering acid & water
    Neutralizing & filtering solids
  • Sulfuric Acid Recovery
    Engineered for simplicity of operation since 1980.
  • Rinse Recovery
    Saving water for cooling tower water recovery applications.
    Optional container for portability.
  • Rinse Recovery
    Compact & reliable, recycle & reuse thousands of liters of water each day.


"I've dealt with Beta Control Systems Inc. for 20 years. They are professional. They are efficient. They take the time to slow down and succinctly explain the science of acid recovery and hot dip galvanizing to anyone who cares to listen. We’d all be much better off if the companies with whom we do business managed their business the way Beta Control manages theirs. A first class operation all the way."

- Matt, Plant Engineer, Hughes Brothers, Inc., Seward, NE

"I would rate Beta's service OUTSTANDING! Anytime I have a problem or need a part, Fred takes care of it immediately. You can really trust Beta's staff to provide responsive customer care."

- Mike M., Maintenance Dept., Supersteel Treating Co.